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How To Stay Fit, Happy and Healthy

Somethings in life don’t need explanation.  Usually this is one of them.  But, what about when you find yourself unhealthy and ready to make some changes?  Often it is a long road that lead from the health of youth to the state of poor health facing so many of our aging.  Often it was a myriad

Good to be Home!

After spending the last four years in the desert, it is amazing to be living in Montana again.  I knew when I decided on SCNM, that I would miss being in the mountains.  I used to scoff when my new friends would ask me to go on a hike in the ‘mountains’ around Phoenix.  It

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Dr. Wilcox offers a compassionate and healing environment to allow you to achieve your health goals. She works with her patients using prevention and education to achieve results and foster long-lasting and healthy lives in her community.

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