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Somethings in life don’t need explanation.  Usually this is one of them.  But, what about when you find yourself unhealthy and ready to make some changes?  Often it is a long road that lead from the health of youth to the state of poor health facing so many of our aging.  Often it was a myriad of little choices compounded by the unexpectedness of life.  So what can you do?

Exercise is essential.  There is no magic pill to make all the weight disappear.  There are tools like hCG, diet, hypnosis, journaling.  But the core of health is exercise.  It boosts the metabolism.  It floods the body with endorphins- those happy little neuropeptides that are so uplifting.

Positivity goes a long way.  It can be difficult, but there is a silver lining in every cloud.  Dwelling on negative things leads to depression.  There are some days when life seems horrible, but everyday has a beautiful sunset, even if it is hidden by the clouds.

Seeing your doctor.  I don’t mean going to get a prescription for prozac.  Sometimes, health continues to be elusive no matter how healthy you are trying to be.  It may be hormonal requiring some adrenal support or thyroid medication.  Sometimes it really does take a trip to your doctor to get back to being fit, happy and healthy



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